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This is the first detailed guide to the Bosnian part of the new Via Dinarica hiking trail that carves its way through the Dinaric Alps, one of Europe's least explored mountain ranges and last true wilderness frontiers, connecting the seven nations of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. In total, this trail system will span over 1,350km, 350km of which is in Bosnia Herzegovina.

The Via Dinarica consists of three routes - White, Green and Blue - and this guide focuses primarily on the White Trail through Bosnia and Herzegovina, following the natural flow of the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps. Detailed descriptions of each of the 13 stages of the White Trail through Bosnia and Herzegovina are included, along with maps, altitude charts and helpful tips, as well as recommendations for waypoint visits and nearby highlights. Also included are an overview of the flora and fauna of the region, details of accommodation for each step of the way, and information on local public transport, culture, food and language.

The natural and cultural wonders of the Dinaric Alps are the best-kept secret of the Balkans, a region with some of the wildest, most impressive natural beauty in the world. All of the countries along the Via Dinarica boast beautiful mountains, alpine lakes, karst caves, forest preserves and pristine rivers that have forged extraordinary canyons and gorges. Here, there is also an abundance of enduring mountain communities that maintain their traditional ways of life and sustainable reliance on the land.

Although the Via Dinarica is primarily a hiking trail, there are opportunities for many different outdoor adventure sports along the way, such as rafting, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoning, caving, etc. The Via Dinarica White Trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 350km long, takes an estimated 125 hours to complete, climbs the highest, often snow-capped mountains of the Dinaric Alps, and passes through or near over 5 national parks and many nature preserves, as well as one of the two remaining European rainforests, the Perucica primeval forest. With this handy, portably guide, you can discover it all.


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